Adwords Market Research

If you want to create a killer AdWords campaigns, then you need to do research on your market.

You may already know this or have heard this advice before.

But, what exactly does this entail?  Everybody likely does at least some research.
A well-researched campaign means to know your market inside and out.  You should know:
  • How many competitors you have (on and off of AdWords),
  • How savvy they are at internet and pay-per-click marketing,
  • Who are the people buying and what are their motivations?
  • What needs and desires are and aren’t being addressed?
  • What serious problems are and aren’t being addressed?

You should be able to answer all of these question without stopping to think.  If someone asked you, then you should be able to answer without hesitation.

When you can do this, you know you’re doing research right.

You can create killer ads, pick the right money-making keywords, and uncover opportunities others are missing when they appear and without thinking.

This then leads to the question of how you can uncover this information?

The best way is to actually be your customer.  Buy from competitors (to get on their mailing lists and see what they do), use the product just like your customer, watch the same television shows as your customers, and even read the same magazines as your customers.

For instance, if you sell nutritional supplements, you should actively use them too.  If you sell to golfers, then you should watch the golf channel.  If you trade stocks, you should read major investment publications.  If you’re selling a weight loss product, you should watch Oprah when she’s talking about the topic.

By actually experiencing what your customers are going through, you can relate to them.  You see the world through their eyes and what they are needing.

Then, when you look at the ads on Google, you can see how well the ads are serving their needs.  It allows you to see opportunity.


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