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It’s no secret the next frontier of expansion for the AdWords network is on mobile devices.

Smartphones, Ipads, and other nimble devices continue to gain steam. Verizon just added the Iphone and new competitiors to the Ipad are emerging. New options mean more people become adopters of the technology.

This change also means consumers are searching for you differently. The rules of the game you’ve come to expect are changing.

Your prospects may no longer be found as easily on their laptops or PC’s… they’re now connecting to the web from anywhere on the go.

What’s more, Google sees the writing on the wall. They continue to push mobile devices with their Android operating system, as well as, extend their network’s reach on these devices with the purchase of the mobile ad network “AdMob.”

They’re dumping new money into improving the mobile side of their ad network.

What this then means to you is simple… there’s an enormous opportunity right now in mobile. The competition is minimal… and a signficant portion of your market are now using mobile web devices.

Both the reach of the devices and the barriers to entry are as close as it gets to perfect.

So how exactly can you begin using the AdWords mobile network to profit from right now?

Well.. lately, I’ve been working with a number of local business clients. Advertisers like laywers, doctors, chiropracters, and so on.

And, one of the main focuses of our campaigns have been mobile campaigns with AdWords.

Setting-up a campaign is easy enough. But, there are differences.

The first being that you need a landing page that’s freindly to mobile devices. Since the screen space is limited it’s important to simplify your design and text.

In fact, a mobile page might be composed of nothing more than:

  • A headline
  • A list of bullets
  • A strong call to action

The call-to-action we’ve been using is to call-in. You might also have an offer to come into the store or a request for more information. Build a list.

You can see an example of a mobile landing page from AllState insurance over here:

When setting-up mobile campaigns, it’s easy enough to create text ads. However, just as with the traditional content network, it’s important not to neglect image ads. Since there is a barrier to create them, any competition you have may ignore them. You capture the cheap clicks.

The bottom-line is that if you do anything with marketing local businesses, mobile marketing should be a part of your marketing mix. Moreover, just about any type of business can use it to generate leads.

Remember, many customers may not ever need or only rarely use the functionality of a computer. So, the only way to reach them is now on mobile devices.

This means now is the time to begin taking advantage of it. And there is no easier, faster, or low risk way to begin doing it than with Google Adwords.


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