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Google Adwords Call Metrics

If you’ve done AdWords for long, you know how important conversion tracking can be.  It tells you what keywords are making you money and which ones are not.  However, maybe you have a call center or you run a local business that serves your community.  In this case, most of your inquiries are going to [...]

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Adwords Market Research

If you want to create a killer AdWords campaigns, then you need to do research on your market. You may already know this or have heard this advice before. But, what exactly does this entail?  Everybody likely does at least some research. A well-researched campaign means to know your market inside and out.  You should [...]

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Adwords Mobile Pages

It’s no secret the next frontier of expansion for the AdWords network is on mobile devices. Smartphones, Ipads, and other nimble devices continue to gain steam. Verizon just added the Iphone and new competitiors to the Ipad are emerging. New options mean more people become adopters of the technology. This change also means consumers are [...]

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Google Adwords Strategy

Pay-to-play… AdWords used to be as easy as putting in your money into the Google cash machine… where your ads shot to the top… and you were in the game.  Today… not so much.  If you want to play, it’s becoming more and more important… really vital… that your WEBSITE qualifies. Google no longer just looks at [...]

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