Google Adwords Call Metrics

If you’ve done AdWords for long, you know how important conversion tracking can be.  It tells you what keywords are making you money and which ones are not.  However, maybe you have a call center or you run a local business that serves your community.  In this case, most of your inquiries are going to be over the phone.  The only way to track phone calls is then with a call tracking solution.

However, this may be a cost local businesses don’t understand why they should pay or simply a hassle you don’t feel like implementing.

So, what can you do?  Well, the other day Google announcedhere the addition of a new feature called “call metrics” for a limited number of advertisers.  It allows you to add a phone number to your ads and then gives you data on where the calls came from.  You can then find-out what ads are working and what keywords are generating your call-ins for more accountable advertising.

For certain businesses, especially local businesses, this feature will become a “must use.”

You can currently request to gain access to this feature and learn more over here.


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