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AdWords used to be as easy as putting in your money into the Google cash machine… where your ads shot to the top… and you were in the game.  Today… not so much.  If you want to play, it’s becoming more and more important… really vital… that your WEBSITE qualifies. Google no longer just looks at your account… your landing pages… BUT now your entire website. We have even seen from our own testing (not confirmed with Google)…  that off-site search engine optimization (getting high-quality links to your site with the right anchor text) appears to have a dramatic effect on your quality score.

Of course… you may love your existing website… it took a lot of work to create… and you don’t want to start over.  At the same time, you want to tap into the Google goldmine.

Well, the good news is you DON’T have to start over… or pay a sizable amount to get a new site made.

You see, here’s our secret when we need an AdWords site quick.  It’s just one word: WordPress… a free blog from

In other words… whenever you launch a new project (or for existing ones)… you simply create a new blog to go along with it JUST for your AdWords advertising.

Here’s what then might go inside of it:

  • 5-7 blog posts with unique valuable content built around your keywords
  • Put your posts in  3-5 categories based on your keywords
  • Include your privacy, terms of service, contact information, and site map
  • Create a top menu as part of the header for easy navigation
  • Create a sales landing page to collect contact information/leads.  At the end of this page, link to your 5-7 blog posts.
  • Optimize your posts and landing page (to a lesser degree) for your top keywords

Finally, focus on generating links to your new blog and landing pages with press releases, articles, and your other favorite link generating strategies.  Over time, you’ll want to create new landing pages optimized for top performing keywords.

And there you have it. A simple way to get a “Google Happy” site quickly.  One last caveat is that you want to take your time building your site to ensure you provide quality content and your sales-oriented page is designed to convert.


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